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Who was involved in the working on this project?

Our 'Actors'

Trevor Leggett devoted many years to the study and the teaching of Judo but despite his position as one of the most influential Judo people in Europe, very little archive material is available either as film of him in action or as a photographic record. 

We were lucky to have had the assistance of some accomplished Judoka who helped us to reconstruct some of the Judo scenes which Trevor speaks of in his teachings. Some brave beginners also joined in to illustrate 'Beginner's Mind' and 'Robes of Honour'.

The 'Drama' - part of the documentary included work on some scenes from Trevor's youth with Shaun Christie playing the young Leggett interned on the Tatsuta Maru Japanese ship during World War II.

The inclusion of a scene of Trevor Leggett as a young child (Plasticine Buddhas) came about fortuitously.  Syd Hoare who was one of Trevor's pupils, who followed his example of studing in Japan and who was one of the first Judo Olympians at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics would have been interviewed in the documentary but was prevented from doing so by illness. A chance encounter (Is there ever such a thing?) with his youngest child, who bore a striking resemblance to a young Leggett, led to his being cast in the Buddha scene and his sister stood in as the fourteen year old Trevor.

Producer's Comment


Director's Comment

 The lack of archive material and photographic record of much of Trevor's life and activities necessitated the use not only of dramatic reconstruction of aspects of his life but also in terms of illustration of the stories and 'parables' which Trevor used in his teachings.

For the Zen stories in particular it was felt to be more appropriate to use animation and in so doing original graphics were produced in keeping with the Japanese Zen sprit. Many of these drawings are based on ancient style of old Japan and the Samurai era of Kamakura Zen.

The music throughout is also based on Zen sounds and temple bells with some original bird song skylark at opening and nightingale at closing.  Two tribute songs to Trevor are included in the opening credits 'A Man of the Ways' and with the closing credits ' New Robes'.


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Thank you to the many people who assisted in this project including the Judoka who participated in reconstructions of Martial arts scenes and the many friends and colleagues who shared knowledge and achive material.

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This production is dedicated to the memory of Trevor Leggett and the celebration of his Centenary.

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